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What is AIMP 5.03.2398?

AIMP 5.03.2398 crack

AIMP for Windows is an incredibly convenient and beautiful player for your computer. The player allows you to play music files and make your own playlists. The program supports customization of the interface, as well as the installation of all sorts of plug-ins to expand its capabilities.

How often do you listen to the radio? You should download AIMP because it can stream the radio. You do not need to open your browser to listen to the radio, you can use this wonderful program! In general, stocking music on your computer is very thoughtful and practical. When you don’t have an Internet connection, you’ll have something to do, especially if you have your own music library and AIMP.


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new updates AIMP 5.03.2398

One of the features which continues to keep AIMP in the topmost list of the most popular products available. It has lots of updated features which goes a long way in making it one of the best music players in the market. It now supports various music file formats and it is currently one of the only players that supports MP3, MP4 and FLAC music files. The interface looks great and the navigation is very intuitive.

AIMP 5.03.2398 [Repack] [Latest] For Windows

screenshot AIMP 5.03.2398

List of features and benefits of the player:

  • Built-in equalizer and spectrogram;
  • Changing design themes;
  • Enabling full or mini version of the player;
  • Playing streaming audio;
  • Sorting music by selected criteria;
  • Installation of additional plug-ins to expand functionality;
  • Creation of playlists;

This player is a direct competitor to the legendary Winamp. You can download AIMP player from our website. We offer both portable and repack versions of the player with plugins and design themes.



AIMP 5.03.2398 Description

screenshot aimp

As of version 5.0, the program will automatically detect the format of a file if its a OGG or MP3 file. Also, AIMP can now search the internet for and automatically download the track that you want. This feature has been especially helpful for users who are listening to online radio stations for the first time.

The major addition this release is the “Smart Playlist” function. This is a playlist that matches your mood and preferences. In order to create one, simply select a track or albums that match your needs and press the “Smart Playlist” function. Alternatively, you can browse the web for playlists and add them to your playlist. You can also set the function to play a preset or random playlist. In either case, youll have the best music experience with AIMP.

 AIMP 5.03.2398 download

The “Smart Playlist” function is available in three modes. In the first option, you can choose a preset. You can choose a music genre, a mood or choose from a variety of preset playlists available. You can select the length of time that you want the preset to play as well. In the second mode, you can select an internet radio station. You can listen to a pre-recorded podcast as well as any songs that are currently being played. You can also listen to online streams of different websites such as Pandora, and more. Finally, in the third mode, you can choose from a random playlist or even browse the web for playlists. Additionally, users can also set a timer so that the playlist will repeat after the amount of time.

The second component of version 5.0 is the “Internet radio preset”. Although this feature is new, you can still connect to your favorite internet radio stations and listen to them. The only time you have to input the password that the program provides is for your own Internet radio station. To find stations, simply head over to our website and click on “add stations”. The internet radio presets are designed to improve your listening experience even further.

AIMP 5.03.2398 Review

Portable screenshot AIMP 5.03.2398

Like many other players, AIMP is designed with a different look to other programs, but that doesn’t really make you think that this would be confusing to use, and that it would be a problem if you don’t know how to handle it. AIMP is easy to use, and there are many ways to control it through the available media keys and keyboard shortcuts. A nice visualizer and a nice effect during playback help to bring the music to life.

AIMP features a great looking interface that includes two panels: the playlist and main panel where the playing control buttons, EQ, volume control, progress bar and more can be found. There are many features available, and the interface doesn’t feel cluttered at all.

AIMP is a multi-format, cross-platform, music player with AudioCD, MP3, OGG, WAV and WMA support. A “voice effects” button adds authentic sound effects to the default sound. You can use the equalizer with 18 bands, playlists, images, and even convert AudioCD to any of the music formats. A “window” button produces a window above the list to show waveform images, and a “normalize” button to normalize the volume of audio files. A “Favorites” button will put music files onto a list that you can later play by selecting only one song. A “Launch in background” button will let you run AIMP without ever having to leave your current window. A “batch play” button allows you to play all the music files in a folder, using their names or file extensions.

The program has many versatile features. The pre-sets are easy to use and cover most situations. You can automatically add files to a playlist by drag and drop, then play them simply by selecting the playlist.

What’s new in AIMP 5.03.2398?

screenshot portable AIMP


Changes in version 5

    • General: new design;
    • General: support for Windows 11;
    • General: improved performance;
    • Bookmarks: moved to the phono library;
    • Bookmarks: ability to start
    • playback without taking into account the timestamp;
    • Bookmarks: “go to source” command;
    • Bookmarks: support for custom
    • Bookmarks: support for custom tags and comments;
    • Bookmarks: support for editing multiple bookmarks at once;
    • Sound engine: in the equalizer
      added 43 Hz and 22 kHz bands;
    • Playlist: added ability to
      automatic sorting playlist
      add new files / change their
    • Playlist: added the option “in each
      playlist: added option “each playlist has its own playback mode
      (direct / random)” option has been added;
    • Playlist: added search function for
      moved files;
    • Audio converter: volume normalization
      during conversion (optional);
    • Audio Converter: audio beep at the end of conversion (optional)
    • Audio Converter: added column
      “target file name” column has been added;
    • Audio Converter: added “switch to file” command
      “go to file” command has been added;
    • Audio Converter: added support of
      WMA Pro codec support added;
    • Tag editor: added ability to
      tag editor: added content
      unsupported tag fields / remove
      unsupported tag fields / delete them;
    • Tag editor: new utility – editor
    • Tag editor: support for folders from
      “quick access”;
    • Windows Explorer;
    • Plugins: scrobbler – integration into the default skin
      default skin;
    • Plugins: scrobbler – displaying
      Artist info;
    • Plugins: scrobbler – support for the default skin;
    • Plugins: scrobbler – display artist information;
    • Plugins: scrobbler – support for and;
    • Plugins: scheduler – support for
      The plugins: scheduler – support for unlimited number of tasks;
    • Plugins: scheduler – listen to the end of the current track;
    • Plugins: scheduler – new command:
      start/stop radio recording;
    • Plugins: scheduler – new command:
      Go to the next track;
    • Plugins: scheduler – new command:
    • Plugins: scheduler – new command:
      continue playback;
    • Plugins: scheduler – new command:
      return to the previous state after
      playback of the specified record/playlist;
    • Plugins: scheduler – new command: return to the previous state after
    • Plugins: scheduler – repeat the task during the
      during the day;
    • Plug-ins: scheduler – repeat the task
      by day / week / month / year.


How To Crack AIMP 5.03.2398?

AIMP 5.03.2398

This version of AIMP was previously available absolutely free from the official site, but today unfortunately it is no longer free for personal use. You can download the latest version of AIMP5.03.2398 for free on our website, with built-in activation keys.

You don’t have to worry about AIMP because it’s completely portable. You just need to download and install it on your computer. But before that you need to download the full version of AIMP Portable. If you want to download the zip file, click on the button below:



The file we offer is of high quality and is safe to install on your PC. The download process is simple, so there is no need to be worried about downloading corrupted files. All you need to do is simply download the file, unzip it and then install it on your PC. After successful installation, you can enjoy the quality and utility of this software. In case of any problem, the software will tell you how to solve the problem. You can follow the instructions and it will not let you down.


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