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The p-value distribution of the linear model is plotted as a function of the genomic position along the five chromosomes. The x-axis displays the position along the chromosome while the y-axis displays the p-value from a linear mixed model regression associating a given SNP with SGI. SNPs with MAF < 0.05 and were filtered according to the threshold for the 0.1% tail of the p-value distribution. Only SNPs with a -log10(p-value) above 1 are shown. The horizontal dashed line depicts the threshold for the 0.1% tail of the p-value distribution, which varies between peptide variants (ef1021 Pv: 0.00162 to ef2038 Pv: 0.00122). SNPs that displayed above-threshold p-values were considered for further analysis. SNPs corresponding to rare alleles (0.05 > MAF > 0.1) are plotted in magenta. The right-most panel shows quantile plots of the expected versus observed p-values for each MAMP variant. Note the different scale of the y-axis of the uppermost panel. SNPs that mapped to the same gene are shown in a single gene symbol. For clarity, only SNPs that were associated with SGI could be validated as underlying the natural variation in SGI are indicated in black. Candidate genes were determined by a priori exclusion of all SNPs with SGI associations that were below the Bonferroni cut-off (-log10(p-value) 2.45). Candidates were also kept when the -log10(p-value) was above 1 in the window where the peak was observed.

MAMP Pro offers an incredible list of features that arent offered with the free version. Cloning hosts, improved WordPress support, snapshots, and blueprints are among the many amazing new features available with the latest version. Additionally, things like code editing capability, FTP for pushing your local site live, email setup, cloud storage, and site migration are included. They even offer the MAMP Viewer app that will allow you to test your local sites on your iOS or Android mobile device. Lets dive into the features to show you the power that comes in their $99 package.

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In addition to all the benefits that are offered by MAMP, MAMP PRO gives you a far-reaching toolkit of additional features. You can use MAMP PRO to create a separate host for your projects as a typical local server environment. You can install WordPress with one click and after its installation, you can publish it directly from MAMP PRO on your live server or on your local server. In addition, MAMP PRO allows you to create a separate database for your projects.

You can install WordPress with just one click and then publish directly to your live server in MAMP PRO. In addition, you can add domains and set up sub domains for your projects.

Other features
Keep your custom code on your MAMP folder
MAMP PRO will always provide a clean environment for testing. The MAMP folder is not touched and thus not exposed to other applications
Drag and drop file uploads
Create an FTP server and upload files to your localhost
[New] Statistic page shows you how often your MAMP server is used, how much is paid, how many domains has been registered and how much traffic this site receives.
[New] MAMP Server can be controlled remotely with the help of a web browser
[New] All MAMP server settings can be saved and restored
[New] MAMP PRO 5.0.5 allows you to access multiple MAMP servers at once. This enables you to use all the features of the host like Statistic, Remote Control and so on.
[New] Improved MAMP Pro project management
[New] MAMP PRO 5.0.5 enables you to create MySQL databases directly from the MAMP PRO folder. Create a database on a server and import it to MAMP PRO.

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What’s new in MAMP PRO

There are many more features in the dropdown. Its your choice: you can stay on MAMP or you can change to MAMP PRO. Both offer something different to you in your decision. Under Start / Start MAMP PRO you can choose from the websites that are currently installed in your MAMP. You can also search for a specific URL (ie.

MAMP web servers MAMP Pro provide the ability to host additional services, a web server Apache and PHP. Services that have been included in the previous versions, Free MAMP PRO Download continues to offer:

  • PHP
  • FastCGI
  • MySQL
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • PDO driver
  • CURL and CUP
  • OpenSSL
  • File upload
  • OpenSSH
  • Remote shell access
  • mail
  • Logs

MAMP PRO is integrated into the operation of applications such as:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Semantic UI
  • D3
  • Angular
  • Mapbox
  • Java
  • Gulp
  • grunt
  • Node.js
  • YUI Compressor
  • YUI Uglify
  • jQuery Selector
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • jQuery Time
  • jQuery Data
  • jQuery Collapse

MAMP PRO is now integrated:

  • PHP 5.6
  • PHP 5.5
  • Java 5
  • Java 5.1
  • PHP 7
  • Java 8
  • PHP 7.4
  • Java 8
  • Oracle Java 6
  • Database MySQL 5.7
  • Database: SQLite
  • Mongodb
  • Redis
  • Python 2.7
  • Python 3.5
  • Python 3.6

MAMP PRO Features

MAMP PRO Features

  • Adds MySQL 5.6.35
  • Fixes autodiscovery issue with MAMP PRO 5.0
  • Adds CORS to PHP
  • Adds XDebug to PHP
  • Adds mb_internal_encoding UTF-8 and mb_http_input UTF-8
  • Adds XSLT
  • Adds mysqlnd

What’s new in MAMP PRO

What's new in MAMP PRO

  • Added in-app update for MAMP PRO 5.0.
  • Added in-app update for PHP 5.5.20.
  • Incorrect phpMyAdmin password reset link discovered and security fixed.
  • All items on context menu (backup & restore, user settings, etc…) now works.
  • Removed in-app update for
  • Resolved a problem with in Mac 10.9.

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